Monday, January 3, 2011

We be back! Espana 2011

After 24+ hours of traveling over New Year's Eve/New Year's Day we are back in Spain ready to face 2011 abroad!!!

Although we normally like spending New Year's Eve with friends, not many people can say they spent New Year's Eve traveling forward in time and watching the movie "Easy A" while hovering thousands of feet above the Atlantic Ocean like Emma and I did.  We were surprised also to find that there was NOBODY on our plane to Spain.  It was a big plane with 8 seats wide.  Everyone on the plane could have laid down by themselves in a 4-seat middle row... which Emma and I did after seeing that nobody would sit there.

We were also surprised, that there wasn't even a countdown or mentioning of the New Year on the plane.  No mimosas, whistles, confetti, black eyed peas, ham, or greens......  It was a good flight though.

Emma and I getting ready to get on the plain bound for the Future/Spain!!!!

Although it's nice to finally be back in EspaƱa, we loved everything about being home for the holidays:  family, food, weddings, friends, presents, snow, etc, etc...(all of which to be posted hopefully this week in another gigantic post).

We love the holiday feeling and everything that comes with it.  Normally, in the states, there isn't another holiday until Valentine's Day (which Wal-Mart was already preparing for a few days after Christmas...)  but here in Spain they are still celebrating the Christmas season!!!!!!!! So Christmas continues for us here in Spain with pretty lights, food, and more celebrations at least until January 6th!!!!

Quick Spanish Culture Lesson:  (might be boring)
The 25th of December isn't the big holiday in Spain like it is in America.  Neither are Christmas trees everywhere like in the States, although they still have them.  Nativity scenes called Belenes are everywhere.
-December 8 is the "Immaculada" or the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary... there is singing and concerts by unprofessional groups of men called tuna singers.  It is typically the start of the religious Christmas celebration.
-December 22 is the day of the big lottery in Spain and everyone sits around waiting and hoping to win El Gordo (the fat one).  It's been a tradition since 1812 and there are many prizes won that day.  Also the kids Christmas vacation starts this day. 
-December 24 and 25 is "Nochebuena" and Christmas Day.  These days are celebrated as a national holiday but they are more calm and generally just consist of eating a meal or something together as a family.
-December 28 is the day of "Santos Inocentes" and is our April Fool's equivalent.  It's origin is from the massacre of children that the King Herodes committed in Judeus which didn't seem to funny when I first read it hehe but......  This day is for playing tricks on friends and family, and the national media get involved by broadcasting crazy facts and news which Spain normally loves.
-December 31 is "Nochevieja" and they eat 12 grapes for every ring of the bell to bring in the New Year.
-January 6 is the Feast of the Epiphany or also called Dia de los Reyes Magos (day of the 3 Kings or Magi) This is Spain's Christmas day.  There is some celebrating in the streeeet and the kids receive presents from the Magi which kinda makes since because the Magi brought gifts to Jesus....  Santa Clause or Papa Noel might bring gifts but it's normally the 3 kings who do it.

AAAAAlllllllllll that to say we are excited to still be celebrating Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saying adios to Sally.... she was sad....
Waiting in the airport in Madrid for 7 hours before our 6 hour bus ride...
passing time while Emma was sleeping at my feet. (even though she took this pic)
back on the streeetss of Sevilla!
First night back.  Soup and Dexter marathon.
More lights!
Watching some street performer.
Calle Sierpes at night!
 Christmas vacation in the states coming soooooon!!!

Mucho amor y Dios vos bendiga!

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  1. ha ha ha - this is a great post, wesley! loving the updates! welcome back to espana! live up your final months!! :)